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Friday, June 17, 2005


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Polly's hitting better than .400 since joining Detroit.

Everyone keeps pulling for Howard to come up right now, especially on the AL road trip, but he isn't as consistent, nor is he a record breaker, when he moves up to the majors. We've seen that already. So yeah, while I agree that Old Man Thome should DH when we're playing in an AL park and Howard should field first, I don't think he's the everyday guy we need yet.

Poly may be hitting well, but even having missed 1/3 of the season so far, Utley is second in the league in VORP at 2nd base, and charging hard on Jeff Kent (Jeff has 70 more ABs, and only 2.7 more VORP). Someone get that kid into the all-star game!

Re: Damn you, Goodman.

Always happy to oblige, I think.

Howard cannot be judged on his brief stint here. It is ridiculous to do so given the limited, episodic nature of his use by Charlie Manuel.

I am thrilled for Polanco, whom I alway admired. Isn't it just like him to go to a new team and fit right in. The guy is a real pro.

Who else thinks that PK invented VORP? I've never seen someone use one stat so much. But somehow he's right most of the time.

Julio Franco's birthdate is suppossedly August 23, 1958 (if you believe him).

That makes him only 46 yr old.

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