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Thursday, June 23, 2005


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You're so right, not only about the baseball stupidity of the attacks on Abreu, but also about their real basis in ethnic bias. This extends to the "lazy", "doesn't-get-dirty" and "wall-shy" aspects of the "critique". Bobby Abreu-- all he is is one of the 5 best hitters in Phillies history, a model citizen, and clubhouse leader. Let's run him out of town!

Anything that creep Eskin says is not to be taken seriously. I've never liked that guy at all, he's an egomaniac. The only complaint I have with Abreu is that he won't bat leadoff which is probably the best place for him with this team the way it's constituted. Everything comes so naturally to him, people don't think he's putting out. The same things were said about Smitty years ago. Today was a tough loss, simple as that. I feel that this team really needs to make a deal for Zito, whatever that entails. Then the rest would see how serious we are about winning this year and maybe would get fired up accordingly. Keep the positive waves coming, fellow Phanatics.

Abreu is quiet and not a real clubhouse leader that is why he is not considered a star. But at the same time it's obvious when you look at the numbers.

Remember when Eskin got a woman murdered? Yea, he sucks.

I am constantly amazed at how some fans just dwell on the negative and overlook the positive. Bobby Abreu is the perfect example of a great ballplayer that 'reactionary' or 'uneducated' fans love to bash. They say he's not a leader. They say he shies away from the wall. He doesn't hustle. They say he doesn't hit in the clutch. There's no question that no player is perfect. Every player has a weaker part of his game somewhere, either physical, mental or emotional. Bobby Abreu is no exception. But to harp on those perceived areas and ignore the long list of positives is idiotic.

Leader - Bobby Abreu plays intelligent baseball. He plays to his strengths. He knows what he can and cannot do. He comes to the ballpark ready to play. He doesn't showboat. He knows his craft. He's a professional baseball player in the best sense of the word. If more young Phillies copied his baseball habits, they might also be stars. That's leadership.

Giving 100% - Most fans seem to forget that the baseball season is 162 games long. No matter how great a player you are, you can't contribute much on the DL or playing at 75%. It's with the long season in mind that you pull away from the wall and let the other player get the double, maybe drive in a couple of runs, and sometimes maybe even win the game. If your mindset was that go into the wall for every ball, you would catch a couple, miss most, and eventually get hurt, costing your team games. The same thinking is needed for charging into a headfirst collision at home. You score a run and separate your shoulder. What will that cost your team? But most fans will call you a gamer.

Fans should also not confuse hustle with preparation. Good defensive players make it look easy. They are ready and thinking about what they need to do in various situations. Average defensive players, on the other hand, usually just react. If they're in the wrong position, or if they don't get a good jump on a ball, they end up with the 'spectacular' sliding or leaping catch, and fans applaud the great effort even if the ball goes for a double. There are so many players with poor fundamentals that make routine plays look like highlight reel material. (See Cliff Floyd's 'great' catch against the wall the other night. He got a bad jump on the ball, back-peddled all the way back, and then jumped. A good player would have just run back right away and made the catch. Meanwhile Abreu made a much tougher catch on a sinking fly ball in right curving away from him. There was NO chance Floyd would ever make that catch. None.)

Clutch - The best hitters around make outs 2 out of 3 times. If you want to dwell only on the outs, you can always find ammunition to criticize the best players in the game. And so-called clutch hitting is so situational and dependent on luck that people still can't even define what it is. How can they measure it?

One way is to ask a simple question: On the current Phillies, if you could pick one player to bat with the game on the line, who would you choose? To me right now, it's either Utley or Abreu. That's it. How about against a tough leftie? It's still Utley or Abreu. You prefer Burrell, Rollins, Thome, Bell? That's all you need to say about clutch. At worst Abreu is the second best clutch hitter on the team by that standard. Granted, that's one man's opinion. You're entitled to your own.


Hey doochbag, Eskin didn't get a woman killed.....get ur facts straight genius....I may not agree w/everything eskin says, but 9 times out of 10 he's dead on w/his information....

And the reason abreu is selfish b/c the best thing he could do for this team is to bat leadoff, but he's content on getting his "stats" solo homeruns, stealing 2nd base w/thome up to bat (thus taking the bat out of his hands), stealing 2nd base when the phillies are leading by 3 (padding his stats again)
and he isn't a clutch player. a clutch player is someone like Utley, who comes off the bench in the bottom of the 9th w/2 outs and the bases loaded and drives in the runs....not whiff like Bobby A-booboo does....The only player I would want in a clutch situation on this team is Utley. he will be the future leader of this team, the one who will go down in the record books as a player this city will love for decades to come....

oh and FYI hop on the internet to and take a listen to John Marzano and Glenn Macnow on WIP right now....they're talking the truth about mr no-clutch Aboo-boo....he's a great player but never comes thru in the clutch.....yes, WIP is now streaming on the web...

so far in 2005, Abreu with runners on base: .356/.464/.578

with runners in scoring position: .319/.467/.507.

what the hell more do people want? no one hits a game-winning homer in the 9th inning every time up.

yeah great stats…but remove the numbers from the first 4 innings and those numbers drop off significantly....nice solo homerun on Sunday – in the 4th inning...good job....why couldn't he do that friday night when he had the bases loaded in the bottom of the eighth inning??? no he did what he always does when the pressure is on - strike out!!!

next inning, 2 outs..after fat thome and backaway burrell struck out...utley comes to bat and in the clutch - gets a single!!! Imagine that!!

Please, abreu can't do diddly after the 6th inning...

Abreu in late-inning pressure situations this year: .273/.400/.485

For crying out loud, can people please tune out Howard Eskin's lunatic ravings long enough to realize that of all the many, many, many things that are wrong with this team, blaming a guy who is hitting .321/.440/.563 makes absolutely no sense at all?

yeah good job in the outfield last night Aboo-boo.....way to be afraid to hit the wall to catch a catchable ball...even Beltran, who got a triple on the play, thought it was going to be caught....nope, Boo-boo doesn't want to go hard for it...nice...

oh and that triple....yeah that touched off a 4 run inning for the mets....there is no heart on the team at all.....

Thanks for your comments, Mitch. I made an addition to today's post if you care to comment on Abreu in a newer post.

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