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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


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I heard Lieberthal and Manuel received rousing “cheers” from the impassioned Philadelphia fans last night. I believe it was dollar hot dog night.

John Brazier (sp?) was on the morning show on 610 today. His theory about the booing was rather humorous. Dollar Dog Night brings in more college kids, it also saves them money, which they spend on cold beverages to help wash down the nice dollar meat. These beverages are the sole factor in the fans booing. It has nothing to do with a 7.5 million dollar guy not knowing how many outs there are.

The strange thing about Thome's batting woes is that he smoked line drive singles to center field in two consecutive games rather than getting under the ball and skying out or popping up, which is his norm (when he connects, that is). He does look more comfortable at the plate than he did even a week ago. As for checks swings, those to me are the hardest calls for an umpire, which is why they usually ask for help. And then, the guys providing the help are 90 feet away and at just as bad an angle. We need instant replay!!!! (Just kidding.)

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