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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


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I do like Rollins at short, but as leadoff? Not so much. Lofton/Michaels or Utley have better OBP than Rollins, and take more pitches. Heck, every regular has a better OBP than Rollins, including Bell and Liberthal, for crying out loud! Rollins has nice speed, but getting on base is so much more important. He has nice pop in his bat for a shortstop, so why not move him to 6th and let Utley lead off against righties and Michaels against lefties?

I would not be opposed to putting Lofton in at leadoff when he plays. Perhaps it would light a small fire under J-Roll's butt.

Also on the Bell-Lieby subject, I don't understand the Phils infatuation with Bell. I wish they would've traded him instead of Polanco. Lieberthal is terrible, for sure, they should be happy with ANYTHING they get out of him.

As far as the Mets winning, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while!

I thought the best part of this game was the TV shots of the bullpen guys reacting to Fultz's head first slide.

I agree with J Rol and his inability to work a count. As I wrote on my blog when the contract was signed, it bothers me to pay huge money to a guy who has had one great year and several average ones.

I think it is funny when we mention Chase for leadoff. In my mind, and the mind of many Phillies fans, Chase is Superman. Thome struggling, put Utley there. Need a leadoff guy? Utley's our guy! If he lives up to his potential, what a player he will be.

Speaking of that, he had a great night last night.

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