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Friday, May 27, 2005


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I was confident that Pat Burrell could build on last year for one reason - his strong start last season by all accounts reflected the coaching and suggestions of manuel during spring training. So I assumed if manuel was manager, his continued presence would reflect well on burrell's hitting if burrell was starting to slump.

However, I have not been confident about the wrist. As per usual, I can't say for sure because I've not seen pat swinging this year, but Bill Conlin's articles last year suggesting that his follow through were putting strain on the wrist were persuasive. When burrell himself says that the tendon is still 'slipping out of its sheath' but that it just doesn't hurt, you have to think that every swing is going to do long term damage. I'm not a doctor, but a) it shouldn't be happening and b) if it is happening, surely it's putting more strain on the tendon itself.

Thanks for the comments, Oisin - I added a link to your blog BTW, and thanks for linking to mine.

I saw that you'd included the link jason - got very giddy about it, truth be told, since this is all virgin territory for me! It'll be a while before it looks anyway nice, but i'm hoping to post some decent content as apart from lunchtime rants in the next couple of weeks (provided my fiance doesn't get hacked off with me spending even *more* time on the computer!)

i think pat's been ****** too much. that helped him develop the wrist strength but sadly left him more open to injury.

honestly, i'm going to have to see a full season of pat doing what we all thought he would do before i proclaim he's back. we've been up and down on this guy so much in such a short amount of time. let's ease up and let him do what he can.

I am also worried about Pat's wrist. I guess it depends how much pain the man can tolerate. He's obviously much more relaxed at the plate these days and it shows. Hopefully he can keep it going.

Everybody have a nice Memorial Day weekend!

Pat's put up good cumulative numbers this year, but almost all of it has been from 2 hot stretches (early April and recently). Look at his numbers on a week by week basis. He has poor hitting mechanics with a tendency to lunge. Look at the picture attached to the blog entry which shows his "collapsing back leg." I hope I am wrong, but I don't ever see Burrell being the star player we had expected after 2002.

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