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Monday, May 16, 2005


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Awesome job on the new blog, Jason!


The new layout is real nice. Good Work. I like the trade as well. I think I made a post a way back saying how speed is exciting, and given the marginal play of both Byrd and Chavez, at least Chavez will bring some excitement to a dull team.

how do we know byr's speed is decliining? that was the only part that went over my head.

Great looking site. On the Byrd trade, I don't like it. I will agree with Baseball America on their take, "Byrd has the higher upside." Both were good minor league hitters, Byrd has the best season in the majors, and has had the best spring 2005. He hit in spring training, Chavez did not, and Byrd hit very well in his few games at SWB. What do they gain in Chavez past this season? Lofton, if healthy will play. The Phil's organization is filled with slasher-type outfielders.. Bourn, Roberson, Golson. The big question is what happened to Byrd's power! I will predict a better career for Byrd than Chavez and even Jason Michaels. Byrd, I quess had to go, but is Chavez the best return.

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